Innovative solutions to save golf clubs time and money.

The following software will be integrated into your Golf Club website to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

1. PGA Competition Software

Our PGA Software has the potential to generate substantial revenue for your golf club, bringing in thousands of euros annually. It boasts a proven track record of success, having already been implemented by numerous golf clubs across Ireland with remarkable results. By integrating our software, your club can streamline operations, enhance member engagement, and increase profitability. Our solution is designed to meet the unique needs of golf clubs, ensuring a seamless experience for both management and members. Trust in our expertise and join the growing number of clubs reaping the benefits of our innovative software.

2. Team Events

Our Team Events Software simplifies organising Club team competitions, eliminating the need to post A4 sheets on notice boards. It integrates with your full members list, allowing any member to easily check their eligibility for upcoming teams. Additionally, there is a simple signup process for any member, making participation seamless and straightforward.

2a. Team Events - Managers Section

This section of Team Events is exclusively viewable by Managers and Team Captains. They will have access to a complete list of player signups, allowing them to organise players into teams. Additionally, they can create teams using the built-in calculator to combine player handicaps efficiently.

3. Handicap Calculator

Add a calculator to your golf club website and enhance your members’ experience. Golfers enjoy checking their playing handicap before arriving at the course, so why not provide this convenience on your website? Nalcro, the creators and owners of, receives approximately 12,000 users or 80,000 hits per month from users checking their playing handicaps. This popularity demonstrates the demand for such a feature. Integrating a handicap calculator into your site would be a valuable addition for both your members and non-members who want to play the course.

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The demo uses New Forest Course detailsĀ 

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