Test the power of AI
For this to work. You HAVE to add a link to a page on your OWN website
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

You can add this form to every page of your website, and when placed, the URL box will be hidden. The form will automatically detect the page URL where it is located.

Test it out. Add a URL from YOUR OWN website. Something other than the homepage. Then ask a question. 

The AI will look at the URL provided and come back with it’s own information. 

The AI can also be tweaked to reply the way you want it to reply so don’t panic when you’re testing as I’ve only set the barebones response settings at the moment.

All questions asked are emailed to you. So in time, you’ll have a world of information and understanding of what people want to know when they visit your website.

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